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Enhanced Golden Lion Tamarin and how the Pink Jungle theme came up

More pink nature coming! Again, I have painted the original piece with aquarelle, watercolor pencils, and maded spotlights with crayons. Later on, I have used Wacom and free software Krita to enhance the painting. On the top is the After picture and below is the Before one.

The story behind this painting is the following. I attend The Finnish Illustration Association’s drawning club every now and then. Once I sketched a cheetah by a river, and some plantation. Wasn’t going to color it, and left it aside. Artist Maria Sann was next to me and asked if she could color the piece. She turned it into a wild pink jungle, and I was pleased to post a photo of our collaboration. My friend in London saw the post, and asked if I could paint the Pink Jungle works for her.

I wanted to use some Brazilian animal, and picked a golden lion tamarin for my first theme. Later, when asked, my London friend told she’d like to have also birds. Parrots have been very popular, and I went after something less used. Found jabiru, and the painting of those storks can be viewed in the previous post.


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